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Interior Design


Like many people, I got my start in the corporate world working a variety of jobs, many in the real estate and finance industries. Over the years, I found that my employers tended to rely on me for my writing abilities -- and eventually to help with SEO and content marketing efforts. 

In 2013, I set out on my own to begin freelance writing. After writing content on just about everything from fertilizer to fashion, I decided I wanted to focus my business on real estate and real estate-adjacent industries (i.e. law, finance, home improvement, and interior design). 

These were the subjects that had always interested me the most, so I decided to become a specialist in a few industries in order to better serve my clients and streamline my resources. 

Ultimately, I realized that while many people know they need content, their approach is almost always to simply purchase content a-la-carte and hope for the best. Strategy is often nowhere to be seen. 

After this realization, the final piece of the puzzle clicked for me as to how I could best serve my clients. I began focusing on comprehensive, strategy-based content, design, and marketing services that are created with specific goals in mind. 

The results have spoken for themselves, and I look forward to expanding your business using the same techniques.


The main focus of my work is to help business owners, realtors, app developers, and other players in the real estate industry (and related industries) grow their businesses using strategic, proven methods. 

Content marketing, social media marketing, solid brand design, and a focus on solid SEO best practices are the ingredients to the comprehensive, goal-oriented, digital marketing services I offer.


Because my approach is so comprehensive and personalized, I work with fewer clients than many freelancers and marketing companies do. But, it's that personal approach that makes all the difference. 

If you already have a good idea of what your business goals are, what you need to improve upon, the types of content you need, and what your SEO plan is, I'm happy to help you refine and implement those plans and execute the content, marketing, and design elements for you.

If you only know that your real estate business isn't performing the way it should  but you have no idea where to begin, that's okay, too. We'll start with a content audit and consultation session to get the ball rolling and create a custom plan for success. 

To learn more about my process, how I can help you, and what to expect when you work with me, click the Learn More button below. 


Interior Design
Interior Design


Every project starts with a partnership. I truly value my clients, and it's important to me that we always make decisions together, as a team. 

Rather than feeling like I'm a far-away scribe churning out blog posts and white papers and hoping they fit into your brand strategy when you get them back, I'd rather you see me as a partner, working together with you toward the same end goal. 

My approach is consultative and immersive for a reason -- I believe it's the best way to make sure you end up with the best, most effective content and marketing strategy possible. One that communicates identity as well as information and purpose as well as passion. 

I utilize industry leading SEO services like MOZ to track your performance, taking analytics into consideration and helping you adjust and refocus as algorithms and industry practices change. 

Whether you decide to hire me on a monthly retainer to manage your marketing efforts or you just want to order an audit every quarter is up to you. However, being involved long-term so I can continue to help you grow and reach new heights is the name of the game for me. 

After all, content without strategy and consistency is empty. The best-looking website with the most compelling prose is useless if nobody's looking at it. So let's get them looking -- and give them something to talk about while they're at it.