Strategic Content That Converts

Content is king, but if it doesn't lead to conversion then it's still powerless. Not all content is created equal, and unfortunately, a great many realtors and business owners in the real estate, finance, and home improvement industries spend time and money on useless content all day long.  

I began my career freelance writing, which typically consisted of a client telling me how many blog posts they needed, when they wanted them by, and maybe (if I was lucky) which keywords they were targeting. 

Most, however, had no idea they should even be targeting keywords, and when I suggested a more consultative approach or a strategic element, I was often dismissed. How could it be that so many people treated content like a product rather than a working, living solution? 

A Lack of Education and a Shortage of Time 

Ultimately, it became clear to me that most realtors and business owners were so busy they had almost no time to learn the intricacies of content marketing, what content should be doing for them, and how they can tell if it's working or not. Having any content up was better than having no content up. Therefore whatever they had was better than what they were doing before and was, to their minds, successful by default. 

True, if you go from having no content to having a regular blog series, the mere presence of that content will help you -- for a time. But it won't last, and it won't be nearly as effective as it could be. What's worse, it might actually draw in the wrong audience altogether, meaning you'll be starting from scratch when you eventually decide to take a strategic approach. 

I realized that if I could do the heavy lifting -- provide only the information my clients needed to utilize their content, doing all of the SEO research for them, managing the analytics, and consulting them along the way without taking up too much of their time -- I could be of greater service and help them achieve quality results that endure. 

Service Over Sales 

This is a business -- we all know that. But there are many ways to be in business. I've tried churning out content and calling it a day, but ultimately it never fulfilled me. I knew I could be doing better for my clients if I could only provide them a solution that allowed them to delegate the technical side of content and social media marketing to me. 

I also realized that with my design skills and consultative approach, I could further benefit them by providing a multi-layered, integrated solution -- all in one place. 

The sales approach to content sees content as a product, and it values content volume over content quality and efficacy. The idea seems to be that if you buy enough content, post it and publish it frequently enough, and use enough key words, people will come. 

People might. But they're probably not going to be your target audience, you're going to work several times as hard at lead conversion as you would with strategic content, and you'll waste a lot of time and money in the process. 

The service approach, however, allows for relationship, connection, mentorship, and long-lasting results that won't be shaken every time an algorithm changes or search habits evolve. Being a naturally consultative person, this approach works best for me. And, frankly, it works best for my clients, too -- and that's what matters. 

The service approach understands that content marketing is a solution. It's a living, breathing system, so to speak, which grows, evolves, and adjusts as your business and the marketing climate change and progress. It understands that all aspects of content marketing, social media marketing, design, and analytics work together like parts of a machine working together as one to propel your business forward. The engine of that machine is strategy, and the navigation is a consultative relationship with a content strategist and expert who can help you make the best choices to get where you want to be. 

A Different Way 

If you're tired of mass-produced content with no integrated strategy that you can only hope will work, I'm happy to help you find a different and more productive way to manage your content marketing efforts. Fill out the form below or send me an email at, and let's see how a strategic, service-based approach can radically transform your real estate business. 

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